Friday, June 3, 2016

Forum 10

1. My best photos this term came from staff appreciation day. My favorite was probably the closeup of Ramona Sweere.

2. I like this photo because of the low angle. It also easily depicts that she's working on a painting, and the caption gives more information about what she is specifically working on. Elliot also let me use one of his cameras for this assignment so the quality is much better.
3. I learned to get a low angle, to get the face, and to get the subject doing something interesting.
4. At the beginning of the term, I didn't really focus on finding an interesting subject, I just took pictures. I still struggled with finding interesting things, but there were times like the staff appreciation day where they turned out good. I also didn't really pay attention to what else is in the frame with my subject, but now I've learned to do a better job.

 1. As of right now I know very little about photo editing. By the end of the term I hope to know more about using photoshop to enhance my photos.
            2. Right now, taking photos of people I don't know at all and then talking to them afterwards seems really awkward. Hopefully over the course of the term I'll become more comfortable with it.
            3. My third goal is to make it into The Commuter. My hope is to get three photos published so I can get an A, but even one feature would be very exciting.

1. My photo editing skills are much better. I'm not a photo shop master, but I know my way around now. I know what to look for to make a photo nice, and I didn't before.
2. I never really reached this goal. I enjoy taking photos but it still feels weird snapping random people and asking them their name, especially when I'm using my phone.
3. I made it into the final edition of the Commuter. I wish I would have gone to more significant events and gotten photos interesting enough for more than just the section of the paper about our class, but it was still really nice to see my work outside of my blog.

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